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This film is taking my dance practice into filmmaking. I'm taking earlier research on what it is to move and to be moved, to shift through states and different realities into this other medium. I present a journey through moving image evoked by the invisible (sensorial and emotional) experience. Shifting through different realities from internal and external environments. 

“But film material can be joined together in another way, which works above all to lay open the logic of a person’s thought. This is the rationale that will dictate the sequence of events, and the editing which forms them into a whole. The birth and development of thought are subject to laws of their own, and sometimes demand forms of expression, which are quite different from the patterns of logical speculation. In my view poetic reasoning is closer to the laws by which thought develops, and thus to life itself, than is the logic of traditional drama.” 


-Andrey Tarkovsky, A. 1986, p. 20, Sculpting in Time.

Trailer for Skymning (Dusk)

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