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Displacing Contemplations





Displacing Contemplations

A solo that is presented both as a live performance and a film.

Exploring layers of storage spaces in the body. 
Storage becoming places of contemplation.
Weaving the internal and external.
Focusing on scales of attention and importance.
Accessing and breaking apart.
Displacing what once belonged.

Where is the shift of exploration into Experimentation?
Through experimenting it can take form.
A for that can keep investigating itself  through its own concept.
It transforms but it keeps returning to itself.

Scales of places. A place within a place within a place. 
To begin and begin and begin and begin....

A place in space. I am in relation to my self. 
Marking my territory by locating, tapping into and displacing.

Scales of duration unfold.
Durations within durations.


This work emerged from five weeks of work with Rosemary Butcher during my MA and the piece is dedicated in her memory.


Image: From sketch book of 'Displacing Contemplations' 2015.

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