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-MA (Distinction) in Creative Practice from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Independent Dance and Siobhan Davies Dance, 2016.

-1st class BA (hons) in Dance Theatre from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, 2010.


 Awards and Scholarships:

-Gill Clarke Bursary, Leverhulme Arts scholar Award for MA Creative Practice fees 2014.

-Simone Michelle Award for outstanding achievements in Choreography, 2010

Performance and research based projects:

Pablo Bronstein:

-“Peony unfurling At Various Speeds in Shopping Mall” Stages 17, Plugin ICA, Winnipeg, Canada. August 20017.

-“The Rose Walk” Edinburgh arts festival, Jupiter Artland, July 2017.

-“Historical Dances in an Antique setting” London, Duveen Galleries commission 2016 at Tate Britain.

- “Intermezzo, Two girls wear fashion garments” The Highline in NYC. 09/2013.

-“A post coital conversation between Marie Antoinette and Robespierre” at Art Basel in Basel. 06/2013.

-“Girl and Monkey”. Performed at The Stedelijk Gallery in Amsterdam, 01/2013.

-“Constantinople’s Kaleidoscope”, Made for TATE Modern’s BMW Live Performance room in 04/2012.

-“Tragic Stage” is a solo performed at the ICA (Institute for Contemporary Arts) London. 06-09/ 2011.

-“The arch”, Hayward Gallery, London. Exhibition: Move, Choreographing you 10/2009 - 01/2010.

Florence Peake:

-“The Keeners” Space Gallery, London 08/2015

-“Shift Construct” Now Gallery, 09/2104.

-“MAKE” and “RE-MAKE”. Visited The Baltic in Newcastle, Nottingham Contemporary in Nottingham, V22 in London, Moving Museum in London.

-“Swell the thickening surface of” at David Roberts Art Foundation, part of “Frieze” in London, 10/2013.

-“RE-MAKE” Performed at The Baltic Project space in New Castle in 06/2012.

-“MAKE” Performed at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the Long side gallery in 04/2012.

Joe Moran:

-“On The Habit” Sadlers Wells, London 09/2017.

-“Singular” ICA, London and Nottingham Contemporary, 06/2015.

-“On the Off Chance”. Performed at The Place, London, UK. 06/2011.

Cally Spooner:

-“Warm up”. Performances at Serpentine Sackler Gallery as part of Exhibition “Speak”, 2017.

Yvonne Rainer:

- "Diagonal", "Trio A" and "Chair Pillow" at Raven Row, London. Performed over 4 weeks in 2014.

Rosemary Butcher:

-“Silent rooms”. Performed at The Place in London 11/2012.

Gaby Agis:

-“Shouting out loud” Roehampton and Chisenhale dance space, 10/2014. Greenwich Dance 02/2016.

Matthias Sperling:

-“Group study Score” Brunel University in 05/2015.

Gill Clarke:

-Research for Movement and Meaning event in 06/2011 at Independent Dance.

Teaching and Rehearsal Directing:

-Associate Lecturer at Chichester University teaching ‘Thinking Through Dance’ and Contact Improvisation for BA (1st and 3rd years) 09/2017-Current.

-Associate Lecturer at Coventry University teaching Movement Studies for BA (all years) 01/2017-Current.

-Associate Lecturer at University of Surrey teaching Release Technique for BA (all years) and Site-Specific Choreography for BA year two, 09/2016-current.

- Co-Choreographer and rehearsal director for Pablo Bronstein’s “Peony Unfurling at Various Speeds in Shopping Mall” for “Stages17” at Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada. August 2017.

- Assistant Choreographer and rehearsal director for Pablo Bronstein’s “Historical Dances in an Antique setting” London, Duveen Galleries commission 2016 at Tate Britain.

-Teaching Company Class for Springs Dance Company, on occasions 2015 and 2016.

-Guest Lecturer at Coventry University for BA students year one, two and three. 2015.

-Assistant Choreographer for Pablo Bronstein’s “Perspectival Demonstration in a Building by James Stirling” at Stats Gallerie, Stuttgart, 06/2016.

- Re-creating/choreographing Pablo Bronstein’s “Plaza Minuette” with The Atlanta Ballet for Flux Night in Atlanta, U.S. Which involved teaching company class for their fellowship dancers. 09/2013.

-Re-Creating Pablo Bronstein’s “The Arch” to “Arch in Korean Colours” for “Move: art and dance since the 1960’s” at National Museum of Contemporary Arts in Seoul, Korea. 05/2012.

Own work:

-Solo “Displacing Contemplations”, Performed as part of a day in Memory of Rosemary Butcher at Siobhan Davies Studios, London 2016.

-Scored improvised duet with Dance artist Helka Kaski, Performed as part of a day in memory of Gill Clark at Siobhan Davies Studios, London 2016.

- Solo “Rosco 2x2m” and Film “Småland”, performed as my MA final project at Trinity Laban and at OT301 Amsterdam. 2016.

- Receiver of “Dance and the Home made” commission by Chisenhale Dance space, spring 2013. This is as part of dance collective “Sheep(s)”.

-Solo “Movements for the upper and lower body” and scored improvisation with dance artist Irina Baldini, performed at OT301, Amsterdam, 2013.

- “Beneath the surface of chaos” outcome of Critical Pathways programme mentored by Rosemary Butcher, performed at Independent dance 02/2012, London Topophobia and Trip space 12/2013.

 - Collaboration with dance artist Helka Kaski, creating a duet, “Untitled”, performed at The Place, Robin Howard Dance Theatre, London, 2011 and “What now?” festival at Independent Dance, curated by Gill Clark, London 2011.

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