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About Rosalie Wahlfrid

I have a particular interest in researching forms of improvisation and instant composition. 

My research is practice based and explores philosophical questions concerning touching on and giving form to invisibilities by working with the body as the source from which concepts are propelled. I also incorporate filmmaking as part of my practice to explore time, space and energy through a different medium. I work closely with visual artist Pablo Bronstein as an assistant choreographer and performer. I'm an associate lecturer in dance at Coventry, Surrey and Chichester University. I have worked in the UK and internationally with artists such as Rosemary Butcher, Yvonne Rainer, Pablo Bronstein, Joe Moran, Matthias Sperling, Cally Spooner and Florence Peake. My work and dancing is further influenced by artists such as Rosalind Crisp, Meg Stuart, Kirstie Simson and Gill Clarke.

I’m currently an ambassador for Independent Dance in London.

Image: 'Beneath The Surface of My Chaos' from London Topophobia 2015.

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